Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe has taken initiative to set up NRI Business Support Centre to bring together NRI Entrepreneurs for better connectivity for the growth of business activities in India and overseas countries. This platform will be useful for the Existing Entrepreneurs & Start-up and Young Entrepreneurs to enhance business contacts with the overseas entrepreneurs from various fields and countries. This will also integrate the top CEOs from large Corporate, Multinational Companies, Banking, Finance, Research, Science & Technology, Infrastructure, IT, ICT, Agriculture, Food Processing Industry, Education, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Legal Firms and Business Consultancy Fields from India and various countries.

He is confident that this Platform will be useful for NRIs , who are looking for developing connectivity with industry and SME Sector for providing their handholding, marketing support in their region, identifying new technology and their assistance for connectivity with foreign companies for technology transfer, joint ventures and other strategic partnership and collaborations in India as well as other countries. This will definitely be the unique platform for identifying potential companies and SMEs for NRIs for investment, strategic partnership on various aspects like marketing, technological alliance, consultancy, distributorship, business promotion activities, branding in overseas markets as well as all types of support services for growing business in India and other countries. NRIs will not only look into investment but they will provide handholding and business consultancy to Indian entrepreneurs also to connect with their residing countries for export promotion and business collaboration with foreign companies.

Mr. Salunkhe has been on the forefront for providing support and handholding to Entrepreneurs, especially Young / Start-ups to develop their business ventures. He has been organising constantly various activities, meetings with Government officials and Agencies, Business Interactions and providing support for business growth, channelising finance and investment in manufacturing and service sector industries.

Mr. Salunkhe has business background and founded Macro Group of Companies in 1991 at Mumbai. The group is involved in Manufacturing of Packaging Machinery, Equipment and Industrial products. The Group is also involved in Exports of Packaging Machineries, Industrial Products and Processed Food, Marketing, Distributorship and Franchising.

Group of Companies

▷ Salunkhe Packaging Pvt. Ltd.

▷ Geoptech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

▷ Salunkhe Exports Pvt. Ltd.

▷ Macro Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

▷ Macro Engineering Corporation

▷ Bricks Marketing and Promotion Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Salunkhe has founded following organisations to integrate the entrepreneurs from concerned sectors and to support and assist SMEs and Manufacturing Industry.


▷ SME Chamber of India

▷ India International Trade Centre (Trade and Investment Promotion Organisation)

▷ Packaging Industry Association of India (PIAI)

▷ Maharashtra Industry Development Association (MIDA)

▷ Europe - India SME Business Council (EISBC)

▷ SME Business Management Institute

▷ Women Entrepreneurs Development Council

▷ SME Export Promotion Council

▷ India-Japan SME Business Council

▷ India-UK SME Business Council

▷ India-GCC SME Business Council

▷ SME Technology Development Council

Mr. Salunkhe frequently travels to USA, Canada, UK, Israel, various European Countries, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, South Africa, Oman, Mauritius, Qatar, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia for development of business, connectivity with heads of Organisations, Government Agencies and to address various conferences and Seminars.

Mr. Salunkhe has represented various Government Committees, Study Groups, Sub-Committees and Panels to give inputs on Industry, Finance and SME Sector.

Mr. Salunkhe can be contacted on: