NRI Business Support Centre (NBSC) is a consortium of India International Trade Centre (Investment and Trade Promotion Organisation), SME Chamber of India and Maharashtra Industry Development Association (MIDA) as well as other reputed organisations of India and other countries to provide support and assistance to Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Individuals from India and other countries to identify mutual potential business and investment opportunities in various sectors in India and specific countries. The Centre was conceptualized and founded by Shri Chandrakant Salunkhe, who is the founder of the above organisations.

The Centre was formulated in the year 2012 and the division of Maharashtra State was inaugurated by Shri Prithviraj Chavan, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 8th February, 2013 at Mumbai. Currently, the Centre has representation in various States of India and overseas for integration of entrepreneurs for further cooperation.

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  • Integration of NRI Young Entrepreneurs

    The Centre will also integrate Young Entrepreneurs of various countries to start ventures with Indian Young Entrepreneurs and provide the following services:

    ◈ Strategies for enhancing business activities in India and overseas countries

    ◈ Capacity Building

    ◈ Effective Financial Management

    ◈ Effective Communication Skills

    ◈ Enhancement of Business Skills

    ◈ Tips on developing networking contacts

    ◈ Assistance to obtain Government Incentives

    ◈ Identification of Export Markets

    ◈ Preparation of Good Business Plans

    ◈ Organise Exclusive Business Seminars and Conferences for Young Generation Entrepreneurs.

    ◈ Efficient Finance Management

  • Connectivity between Women Entrepreneurs

    Centre will also provide support and connectivity for Women Entrepreneurs to start their ventures in India and overseas countries, building confidence and strength to overcome socio-cultural barriers, interaction with NGOs and organisations dealing with Women’s issues, market oriented risks, motivational factors, knowledge in business administration, awareness about the financial assistance available from various Government agencies, channelising finance from banks, joint venture and collaboration and identifying business opportunities in various sectors.

  • Social Networking Business and Oriented Programs

    ◈ Organize Annual mega conference on NRI Business Summit

    ◈ Arrange delegation to interact with NRI Business community of various countries

    ◈ Preparation of NRI Business Directory

    ◈ Partnership and participation in regional Pravasi Divas programs

    ◈ Participate in activities and conferences in various countries

    ◈ Arrange Business Meetings

    ◈ Special Magazine of Successful NRI Entrepreneurs

    ◈ Monthly Newsletter

    ◈ Annual Reports and Souvenirs

  • Recognition and Awards

    The Centre will organise NRI Conferences every year in which renowned NRIs will be recognised for their exceptional contributions in various fields by conferring excellence awards at the hands of eminent dignitaries.